Roundabout Story

Our story

So, it is your typical start-up brewery story:  Brewer wants to open his own place after working for breweries in FL, HI, CA (x3), CO, MO (x2), New Zealand, and PA (x3).  Hmmmm, maybe that isn’t so typical.  Regardless, we are so excited to finally open the doors to our brewery.  Steve was already thinking about opening a small brewery back in 2003 when we met while  working in the same Saint Louis brewery.  Although there have been many moves, the places we have lived and people we have met along the way have been life-changing and we are better for the experiences.   Without a doubt.  We are excited to share our beer with the city of Pittsburgh.

Steve is from a small town north of Detroit and I grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Somehow, we were both drawn to Pittsburgh despite having no family/friends anywhere near PA.  It could have something to do with the first Pittsburgh bar we ever entered in 2006.  It was the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern.  Pure Pittsburgh.  Pierogies, live music, great staff and ownership.  We’ve never felt so welcome.  Even after moving away from PGH for a few years, the BBT provided the first stop on our tour back into town in 2011.

We have lived in a number of places (see first paragragh) and we love what Pittsburgh has to offer.  With fabulous established and new restaurants to visit, a growing cocktail/beer bar scene, outstanding number of food festivals, divine river access, and city bike trails — Pittsburgh is the place!  And you’re not that far from great camping, hiking, river and bike activities outside the Pittsburgh area.  Oh yeah, it’s crazy affordable to live here too.

The support from other local breweries and business owners has been amazing and we are very grateful for their time and knowledge.  We are happy to be a part of the awesome Pittsburgh brewing community.

Now go out and support Pittsburgh craft beer.